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This webinar is intended for Americans who are 50 and older, in or near retirement. With our economy heading towards a recession, stock market swings, and uncertainty about the future of Social Security and Medicare, it’s more important than ever to get informed. 

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Not since 9/11 has a national crisis impacted so much of the economy so quickly. Stock markets have responded with turbulence, wiping out years of growth in a matter of hours. Small businesses are shutting down. 

And you are probably wondering what this all means for your retirement. 

This limited-time webinar is for Americans in or near retirement. Our founder explains exactly what you need to know now that the pandemic has reached the United States — and what it could mean for your retirement. 

The Fragility of Retirement in the 
Coronavirus Era

Why You Should Attend

About America's Retirement Forum

America’s Retirement Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping pre-retirees plan for a successful retirement. Our mission is to ensure that Americans have open access to the information and strategies designed to protect their nest egg, make better financial decisions, and get answers to their money questions. In the age of quarantines and social distancing, we are delivering this valuable information straight to your home.

During this webinar you will learn:

How the state of the economy can impact your retirement plans

The global pandemic and the economy:  Projecting short-term and long-term impact

Why this recession may be different from what you have lived through before

5 specific steps designed to protect and maximize your retirement income (yes, you can implement them yourself)

Learn how to protect your retirement from the global pandemic and avoid running out of money (even if you only have $250,000 saved).

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